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Westford Firefighters spent a day doing yardwork at the late Captain Barrett’s home in Westford.

Pictured: (top row) Jim Klecak, Dave Lefebvre, Andrew Gordon, Justin Geneau, Derek Smith, David Okeefe, Zach Driscoll, Dave Christiana, Dave Greenwood, Harold Fletcher, Dave Woitowicz, Mark Witherell, Tom Lemieux, Kevin Woitowicz, Steve Ducharme, Jeff Douphinette, Steve Wyke, Michael Hanley-McCarthy, (front row): Tim Bellemore, Bill Olsen, Dave Ricard, Joe Powling, Mike Denehy, Shawn Girard, Matt Valcourt, Rich Layne. Not pictured: Shawn Ricard, Joe Delpapa, Andy Anderson.

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